#1 Assessing Where You Are and What Happiness Means to You

Evaluating where your current depression, stress and anxiety levels are is crucial because the most important step to any journey is knowing where you are and where you’re going. Then I will show you what you’re doing right (yes, even you!) and what areas of your life need focus (along with your free gift to get a jumpstart.) You will also learn about your own personal Happiness Spectrum and how it influences your mood, life satisfaction and general outlook on life.

#2 How to Emotionally Eat the Right Way

Learn how to eat for optimal mental health without counting a dang thing. Don’t spend another thirty minutes entering food into an app or agonizing over whether you’ve hit your carb limit for the day. Don’t let some Insta-guru shame you for your body or where your mind is. Did I mention there will be pie?!

#3 How to Find Your Fitness

You already know that physical activity is important with all the endorphins, serotonin and other feel good hormones, but you might also believe that fitness is only about going to the gym or doing endless circuits. I’ll show you how to reap the physical and mental benefits of exercise even if you hate working out.

#4 My 3 C's of Sustaining Happiness Framework

My strategy has been proven to work time and time again, because, believe me, without the proper skills, you will continue falling into the same pitfalls and winding up in the same place. I will ensure that you will have all the tools you need to navigate stressful situations (and people) without compromising your happiness.

#5 What CRAP to Cut for Optimal Happiness

Learn how and what to let go of for that final boost to the top of your personal happiness spectrum.


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